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I have a few Rabbit stories happen to me in bridge, and if you play for any amount of time - you probably too. One time I was passed in RKCB response, by mistake, landing in the last making spot, another time partner tried to play in opponents shown suit pushing them too high, a third time I was left to play in a cue bid which was not a bad score...yesterday I got another one to add.

Open pairs in the regional, having a good session so far you arrive to a pro-client table and pick up:


Your partner opens 2 in first seat, RHO (a client) passes and it is up to you. Your options are fairly standard - new suits are forcing, 2NT would be Ogust. Had opponents bid - new suits would be non-forcing. Partner is aggressive, but in 1st/2nd all green would usually have something resembling the classic preempt.

What is your bid? 

Rueful the Rabbit chose to bid 2NT, and indeed got 3 response, catching partner with couple of clubs. When 3 was passed to the pro, the look was priceless. He doubled for t/o, RHO left it in and we managed to go down 1. 

"What were you going to do over 3 response?" asked partner "Pass and weep" said Rueful.

What are your Rueful stories?


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