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Plea to BBO software developers

I've just got back from Wuhan where an ambitious BBO coverage plan of up to 32 tables at a time was undertaken with mixed success.  A combination of inexperienced operators, language barriers and sub-optimal software detracted from the accuracy of the coverage at times which was disappointing.  I note also from the WBF Press Conference that there are plans to expand BBO coverage to 96 tables at the next World Teams Championships in 2021. 

I believe some urgent enhancements are needed for the BBO software if it is to remain the preferred platform for online coverage of major bridge events.  Moreover, if we are going to move to 96 tables of coverage, surely this is going to require some sort of automatic data capture. 

My suggestions:

  1. There needs to be some sort of integration between the Bridgemates and BBO such that the "claim" entered by operators is automatically overridden by what's entered in the Bridgemate; or perhaps remove the claim option for operators and solely rely on the Bridgemate results.
  2. If #1 is too hard to implement right away, perhaps an "are you sure?" pop-up for operators if the claim differs from the GIB-indicated outcome.
  3. Tablet bidding needs to be rolled-out ASAP and be integrated with BBO so auctions, alerts and explanations as entered by the players are accurately captured in BBO.  Getting rid of bidding-box and trays will also save a lot of space and would allow for smaller tables.
  4. Some sort of automatic recognition of card play needs to be integrated with BBO. I recall that an optical recognition system was trialled several years ago at Veldhoven in 2011 that seemed to work OK.  Perhaps playing cards can be redesigned to have prominent QR-codes printed on the face of the cards and table cloths printed with a designated area to play one's cards.

Automated data capture will also be extremely useful for assessing breaks in tempo and slow play attribution.

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