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Pointless poll about points

Please humor me, even if you are a player who "doesn't think about points" / "use my judgment and experience to know what to do" / etc.

You hold J2 AQT764 A AQ63 at IMP scoring, both vul. You deal, playing vanilla 2/1 GF, and the auction begins 1 (1) 2 (P). To the nearest .5, how many points do you feel this hand is worth? Please base this on all factors you consider applicable: high card points, distribution, the auction thus far, spot cards, locations of honors, and anything else you feel matters.

I'm happy to hear comments on what algorithm you used to arrive at your answer. But I would like the answer expressed in terms equivalent to normal standard point counting methods. In other words, not "it's worth 36 ZAR points" or anything like that unless you can translate it to a standard point count, but K&R is fine since it's already expressed in similar terms (although it won't consider the auction thus far.)


17.5 or fewer
21 or more

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