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Poland's turn - do the right thing!

Obviously, anyone who reads Bridge Winners has seen the rumors circulating about Balicki and Zmudzinski since before play started in the Bermuda Bowl.

At first it seemed that there wasn't obvious proof of any wrongdoing, at least not presented publicly. Over the past couple days, Boye sent out a file that was purported to have shown B&Z spreading out their bidding cards based on the strength of their hands. This convinced some people of their guilt, but many others were not at all convinced.

Then yesterday, Ish posted an article called Helping Hand. In that article, he showed screen-shots and video of Balicki illegally signalling his entire distribution to his partner by straightening out the suits in dummy (as a defender) using the same amount of fingers for each suit as the amount of cards he holds in that suit. This was damning, incontrovertible proof.

Most people are now convinced, and it will never be the case that everyone is convinced. There are even some people out there who aren't convinced about Fisher and Schwartz yet. But the fact that each pair has a few die-hard fans who probably wouldn't even believe a signed confession doesn't matter. To reasonable, unbiased observers, we now have absolute proof of cheating by B&Z in the event to qualify for the Bermuda Bowl.

In my opinion, Poland's qualification for the Bermuda Bowl is now clearly illegitimate. This is through no fault of the remaining players, and I feel quite terribly for them, but it doesn't matter. So to my friends on the Polish team and in the Polish bridge federation, I implore you, please withdraw immediately! It's not too late to do the right thing, even in the middle of the Bermuda Bowl. It wouldn't even be too late if you found out about the proof with one hand remaining in the finals. The remaining players on Israel, Monaco, and Germany all came through in very short order, and the world admires them for it. It's your turn now. You are a great bridge nation. Don't tarnish that forever and end up on the wrong side of history.

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