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Polish Club: doubt on sequence after 2 Club opening

With all non vulnerable, and after a 2 opening, pass on your right, you have this hand





you bid 2, partner answers 2

Our agreements are that 2  shows interest in a major, invitational or more or any GF hand: any rebid (after passing by the 2 bid) at 3 level shows 6 cards and is GF.

Finally 3 directly over 2 is invitational with 6 cards.

Remains the 2NT rebid (after openers 2 rebid) as an alternative: what does is mean? GF? not GF? invitational?

i went to the book Polish Club International at pag 45 which says 2NT is a relay, but says no more, so we are in the dark

Do you have any ideas, agreements or experience in this situation?

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