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Politics and Bridge - Trump / No Trump

Disclaimer: I have no interest in discussing politics on this website, or having this thread diverge into such.

I played at the local bridge club today. The club got a phone call from a newspaper reporter. She is looking for any stories that bridge players have about misunderstandings or funny stories with bridge players involving trump (as in bridge) and Trump (as in Donald). The one thing I am vaguely aware of is there is one or several bridge players around who have license plates on their cars that say NOTRUMP (or some variant thereof), who now get honked or yelled at by people who think their license plate is speaking about Donald Trump. Does anyone have any information about who those people might be, or any other stories or misunderstandings that might be of interest to the reporter? Even stories not about Donald Trump but still misunderstandings about politics/bridge might be worthwhile.

Again, this is not meant to be pro Donald or anti Donald, or any discussion of politics at all. Just stories of misunderstandings involving bridge and politics. Thanks

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