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Politics and Bridge Winners

I'd like to solicit feedback on the appropriateness of real-world political discussion on Bridge Winners, preferably without respondents engaging in such discussion in their comments.  Some of the questions I have are:

1. Is it okay to comment on the actions of governments as they relate directly to bridge (e.g., granting of visas, gambling regulation)?

2. Is it okay to comment on the actions of governments where they do not relate to bridge?  For example, "XYZ is a terrible bridge organization.  They are even more corrupt than the government of such-and-such."

3. When discussing the appropriateness of political actions in the bridge arena, is it okay to discuss the underlying politics?  For example, "Smith, as a professional, should be willing to play wherever his client pays him to, even though the state of ABC has virtually legalized murder?"

4. Is the political content of ads on Bridge Winners (e.g., the Keystone XL pipeline) fair game for comment?

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