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Poll for those who watch vugraph

OK, this is a pretty trivial question, mostly to satisfy my curiosity, though possibly to improve the viewer experience if there is a clear consensus, and commentators choose to pay attention.  

One of my pet peeves is when a vugraph commentator continually reports what is happening at the other table, or the result which just came in from the other table. 

I don't mean occasionally discussing something interesting which happened/is happening at the other table.  I mean frequent comments simply stating what contract is being played, what result was achieved, etc.

It seems to me that viewers can get this info themselves extremely easily if they wish.   In my opinion the commentator saying this adds nothing, and sometimes detracts.


Do others agree?


 Edit - To clarify, I'm mostly talking about comments unrelated to the board on the screen, but reporting results from the other table on a board which is already finished at this table

I prefer that commentators frequently state contracts and results from the other table
I don't especially wish to see this type of commentary, but I don't mind
I'd prefer that commentators not discuss the other table, unless it's to note something of particular interest
I'd prefer that the commentators rarely or never discuss the other table
I have an opinion on this, but none of these options comes close enough for me to answer

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