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Pop History: Life Has Been a Winning Hand (Oswald Jacoby, from The Madison [Wisconsin] Courier, February 3, 1984)

A newspaper feature article about Oswald Jacoby published shortly after his 1983 Reisinger win, which he achieved while terminally ill with cancer. It was written by one of the staff writers for the Newspaper Enterprise Association, which also carried Jacoby's syndicated bridge column. Jacoby was a remarkable man, not just for his many bridge accomplishments, and if you like reading about bridge personalities but haven't seen his story you may enjoy this.

Richard Pavlicek, who sometimes visits this site, was on that 1983 Reisinger team as well, in fact he is the last surviving member (Edgar Kaplan, Norman Kay, and Bill Root were the other team members). Perhaps if he sees this he will have something to share.

Trivia: In 1984, Jacoby was one of the last three living people who had been involved in the famed (and maybe overly hyped) "Bridge Battle of the Century" between Ely Culbertson and Sidney Lenz in 1931-32. By year's end, all would be gone. Do you know who the others were?

The link is to the page images of the original newspaper in Google books and should take you right to the page this article is on (page 9).

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