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Pop History: Playing with the [Golf] Masters (Sports Illustrated, September 30, 1962)

Goren recounts a late-night game with two very recognizable names (maybe three to longtime college football fans) and a slam well played, once it had been [over?]bid. To a modern reader the auction and Goren's commentary on it may be almost as hair-raising as the play, but then anyone who had watched Goren knew he wasn't a "textbook" player all the time. You don't get a lot of good column material that way.

The fourth, Forest Evashevski, played and coached football at Iowa during their powerhouse years in the 1950s and in the 1960s was the director of the university's entire athletic program. He had made at least one appearance on Championship Bridge with Charles Goren on TV. According to Wikipedia, Evashevski would be forced out of his position at Iowa in 1970 under a dark cloud. Regardless, after Evashevski passed away in 2009 at 91, at their next game the Hawkeyes wore stickers with "Evy", his nickname from his playing and coaching days, on their helmets.

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