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Pop Quiz: Which one is Michaels?

About a month ago, I got called to the table. North (a lady in fourth chair) passed before any other player took a call, so she had passed out of turn. East did not accept, so I explain that South can bid whatever he wants but North will have to pass the first round of the auction. East opens 1 and South bids 2 intending it as Michaels. This, of course, was where he played the hand. I was then called back after the hand. North tells me that my ruling damaged them, because her partner bid Michaels and she had to pass! I suggested that perhaps South shouldn't bid Michaels when his partner has to pass. That was when the light bulb went off and they agreed that maybe he shouldn't have done that.

So, then last week, I get a call. A different person, sitting North (in second chair), opened 1 out of turn. East did not accept and now West opened 1. I explained that North can bid any number of diamonds and her partner will have to pass one time, otherwise her partner has to pass throughout. So, North bids 2. West now asked if this was Michaels.

I like it when there's symmetry in my calls. :)

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