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Pre-alerted misinformation - a story from Wroclaw

Imagine, that you play different methods against your opponents' opening of 1. If it promises at least 3 cards, you play natural, an overcall of 2 showing a weak 2. If it can be 2 cards (or less) an overcall of 2 promises both Majors.You sit North and pass in 1st hand. Your screenmate opens 1 and alerts this. You ask, and he informs you, that it promises at least 2cards (if 17-19 balanced). He also informs you, that his partner on the other screenside will not alert the bid (which would be anyway not necessary in a WBF-tournament as the WBF considers 1 with 2cards as a natural bid).

You push the tray and it comes back with 2 by partner and pass by RHO.

If partner has got the information, that 1 shows at least 2 cards, he shows both Majors. If partner has the information, that 1 shows at least 3 cards, he shows a weak 2 in .

What do you do?

Note: as it is the already famous tournament in Wroclaw, you don't know, whether a convention card is available or even shown on the other screenside. Usually the players disobeyed that rule.

I bid my better Major. If partner didn't get the right information about opponents' system and has in fact , the score might be corrected afterwards
I pass. Opponent told me, that my partner will not get the correct information and i trust his explanation.
I call the director and ask him, whether I should choose 1 or 2
I do something else (please explain in comments)
I ask my opponent more questions

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