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(pre) alerting low from doubleton leads

Hi all, 

A few days ago I had a discussion about whether or not you should (pre-) alert low from doubleton in the middle of the hand. 

A popular method in Sweden and the Netherlands nowadays is to play 2nd/4th through declarer in the middle of the hand, including low from doubleton. We do not lead low from doubleton on first trick or through dummy. 

Is this a pre-alert?


Now my friend also said that is not only a pre-alert, but also an alert, because it is red on the ACBL CC. (anyway it is for low from doubleton on the first lead)

I have never seen anyone alert a lead and it seems rather strange to me if you already pre-alerted it.  Also it means you would have to alert any card of 8 or lower because it might be the lowest of a doubleton. 


Does anyone know what the rules say about this?

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