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Pre-dealt boards for (flighted) GNT swiss and early KO rounds?

I would like to see pre-dealt boards in the GNT(all flights)swiss qualifier and early KO rounds.

I appreciate that it's a bit more challenging to use pre-dealt hands in a swiss, but:

  • We pay extra for a national event.
  • The GNT swiss day is the lightest day of the tourney.
  • The directors know there will be100 (or fewer) teams
  • On the Swiss day duplicate boards ensure a level playing field
  • Hand records are nice
  • I've seen several regionals do this so it can't be that burdensome.
On a related GNT note, the ACBL board seems to under-appreciate how the GNT brings in players and table-count for the NABC as-a-whole as teams get knocked out. Given the expense of airfares, players are pretty much committed to playing through Sunday so it seems a bit inadequate that the board voted - a few weeks ago - to create a grass-roots fund for playing the GNT rather than just comping the entry fees.
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