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Precision - NT ranges w/o Kokish 1 and w/o 2NT strong/balanced?

Hi All,

I've seen a variety of experts comment in random threads that they dislike opening 2NT with a strong hand when playing precision. The view (which I share) seems to be that it starts the auction a lot higher and misses out on a chance to use the precision structure if responder is 8+ which usually has more tools to find the best strain and level than an auction starting with 2NT.

When I first started playing bridge, I used the Precision Today as a guideline and used the Kokish 1 relay to show strong hands (or 2 suiters w/ hearts) and that gave the space to allow for all NT ranges to open 1. We used 2NT as a weak hand w/ both minors, but there seems to be other valid uses especially if paired with multi.

However, the 4+ F1 1/1 (meck lite style) seems to be very popular and I admit that I like it as well. I've also seen WBF convention cards for partnerships that are playing precision and 4+ 1F style major rebids and not playing 2NT as a strong balanced hand. However, its not clear how they are fitting in all their balanced NT ranges.

We currently play:

2NT 22-23, 1C 1D 1NT as 17-19, 1C 1D 2NT as 20-21, and 1C 1D 2H 2S 2NT as 24+ Forcing. In some partnerships we reverse the kokish so it is 20-21 to allow for more weak exits by responder. I'm not actually sure why we don't move the 24+ to a 2NT opener, but that's another topic entirely.


Are there approaches that people would recommend to still allow for the various ranges without using the kokish 1 relay? Condensing the number of ranges seems like a possibility but has an obvious downside. Putting a strong balanced range into a multi 2 also seems interesting, but I'm not actually sure if that will be legal in ACBL Land for long matches in the new charts and certainly wouldn't be useful for pairs (although that doesn't eliminate it from consideration).

So yeah, just curious about thoughts/approaches/guidelines etc from other people who have thought about this.

Thanks for any insight/suggestion/thoughts/etc!



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