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To: Rulings:  Are the following bids legal agreements

1. Opening a precision diamond which could be shorter than 3 with less than 10 HCP. (Can you use judgment and open a good 9? Can you open light 3rd seat with say AQJ and out?) Does it change on GCC vs mid-chart vs super-chart?

2. Responding to a precision diamond on a 3 card major. Can you have a system that forces you to respond on a 3 card major because your NT response requires 8+ HCP? Same chart questions.


Hello John,

The ACBL General Convention Chart and the Mid-Chart state that an artificial opening of 1D must promise 10 HCP. Deviations from this may form an agreement that would be illegal. (See Law 40.C.1) On the Superchart, assuming proper notification is given and it is not deemed primarily destructive, the lower limit for the bid drops to 8 HCP.

Unless game forcing, on the General Chart a major suit response to a Precision 1D must by agreement promise at least four cards in the suit. In an event which allows Mid-Chart conventions it would be allowed as a constructive response per #3:

3. All other constructive rebids and responses are permitted - except for:

a. relay systems that show less than game-forcing values,

b. conventional calls after natural no trump opening bids or overcallswith a lower limit of fewer than 10 HCP or with a range of greaterthan 5 HCP (see #10 under RESPONSES AND REBIDS and #7under DISALLOWED on the General Convention Chart) –however, this prohibition does not extend to no trumps that havetwo non-consecutive ranges neither of which exceeds 3 HCP,

c. conventional calls after a weak two-bid with an agreed range ofmore than 7 HCP or an agreement where the suit length may befour cards (see #7 under RESPONSES AND REBIDS and #7under DISALLOWED on the General Convention Chart). THIS APPLIES TO BOTH PAIRS.

Kind regards,

Dan Plato

ACBL Tournament DirectorManager, Recruitment and Development

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