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Prediction of B-Z hands

If you looked at video of 10 deals where Fantoni-Nunes are on lead and from the video tried to predict whether or not the opening leader had an unseen ace, king, or queen in the suit led you would be 10 for 10.

If you looked at video of 10 deals where Fisher-Schwartz are on lead and from the video tried to predict which suit the partner of the opening leader preferred you would be 10 for 10 (with possible exception of difference of opinion).

Can we do the same thing with B-Z? Robin has formed some hypotheses. He states the following:

  1. Signaling only takes place with the right hand after dummy comes down.
  2. The trigger seems to be touching the cards and then placing right hand on the table, then the signaling starts.
  3. Folded fist placed on the right side of the table shows encouragement in lead suit. If the hand is placed anywhere else (e.g. center of table) its more neutral, if its placed next to the chin, then its clearly discouragement to suit lead.
  4. Open hand shows discouragement.
  5. They show length in the suit partner leads(1 tap = 1 , folded fist + 1 tap = 6 cards) – or if irrelevant – the heart length. This is shown by amount of taps on the table or fingers shown by right hand.
  6. Zmudzinski sometimes shows the length in the suit lead byfolding fingers on his right hand.
  7. When leading a singleton against a suit, the leader will scratch face (4 out of 5 hands, except against Helgemo-Helness from Monaco).CAN WE GET MORE HANDS?
  8. Against weaker teams, they tend to signal much more openly, whereas they minimize signaling against Germany, Monaco and Norway.

Below, I will give 10 links to the videos, starting at the moment the screen comes up. These hands were chosen randomly, only restriction is that Z is on lead. I will not tell you what the hands are, nor will I make any comments about what is on the video.

Will you be able to determine accurately anything about the B-Z hands or what is being signaled? I suggest you put your observations and conclusions in a comment. We can see how accurately the signals can be determined. Also, if there is some area where almost everybody gets it right that is an indication that Robin is on target in this area, while if there is an area where most get it wrong that is an indication that the relevant hypothesis is flawed.

Deal 1:

Deal 2:

Deal 3:

Deal 4:

Deal 5:

Deal 6:

Deal 7:

Deal 8:

Deal 9:

Deal 10:

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