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Pretend it is 1993 and you’re at a bridge club.

What sorts of "common bidding practices" do you see being played that, it would turn out, you'd be highly unlikely to see if you stepped into a Bridge club 26 years later in 2019?  Any other ways in which play of the game has (on a large scale) changed since then?

My choice of year is somewhat arbitrary but I guess I chose it because it is on the one hand "a long time ago" but on the other hand not so long ago that there aren't plenty of BW users who were playing at clubs at this time.

Most of all though, I guess I am just asking this as a 33 year-old curious about how the game has evolved over the past quarter-century or so.  

Are the changes for the better or for the worse?  Or somewhere in between?

Hope this will spark an interesting discussion. 

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