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Procedure to shuffle boards in teams games.

I used to not care if I sit NS or EW but lately im annoyed at how other NS managed the shuffling period of the boards that I prefer to sit NS and be the boss now.

My main rule is you should never put a board that need to be played upside down. My 2nd rule is dont put a board that need to be shuffled on a chair.

What i do ill grab all the boards than need to be shuffled and put them upside down and say leave them rightside up when they are shuffled.

I know most do the opposite but here is  why I prefer my method.

1- Some board pockets are loose and may lose cards if upsidedown, its better to lose/drop a card on a board that need to be shuffled than on a board that need to be played.

2- With light color board (moslty yellow, pink &white boards) You sometimes see throught the back of the boards because there is not enough paint in the plastic. With metallic boards and on some new models boards you could see the back card if its an honnor in the EW pocket hole. (yellow = kings, hair to the right queen of spades, hair left = 3 other queens  red+black = black jacks, red and white red jacks) you need a good vision but its possible. 

Do a cool magic trick like "board 22 my partner is going to have the Qs" play a couple of boards and when you reach b22 everybody is curious and laughing until partner show up the Qs. If you were on a good roll on the previous boards your opps wont laugh as much as your partner.

3- when a N/S player doesnt have any board left to shuffle he can take the boards rightside up and put them in order being ready to play. If you do the opposite "upside down they are shuffled" he may flip a board to look at the number or to put them in order and than you may mixed up a board or be not sure if its need to be shuffled.

4- Why waste time turning one card on everyboard when all you have to do is flipped them all over and say upside down they need to be shuffled rightside up they are ready to play. Also people sometimes flipped a card but dont reinsert it completly your not noticing and pick the board and the card fall. Don't mess with the cards/boards if you dont need to.

5- Also hopefully in the future when you play prepared boards people wont have the reflex to shuffle the boards if they are rightside up on the table. Directors can bring the boards upside down to be shuffled and rightside up if they are prepared. (i know im dreaming here)

Note also that my method is more natural ; you see them = ready to play you dont they need to be shuffled.




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