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How many experts face a dilemma about whether to open 1C,3C, or pass on hand types that include  a 6 card club suit and 8-10 points ?

Many of the hands that fall into this category present an awkward problem because most of us play that 2C is drury after partner's major suit opening when we are a passed hand.

Some of us play that a jump to 3C by a passed hand shows clubs and other use 2NT for that purpose. I have found that these passed hand club bids crowd the auction. Whats forcing ? Does responder promise another bid ?

For those of us that use a opening 2D as a natural weak 2 in diamonds, I have a proposed solution. Why do we need a 2D natural  bid by a passed hand anyway ?  Wouldn't we have probably already opened 2D ?

Why don't we use 2C as natural and 2D as drury ? Agreed that we lose the ability to show hearts after P-1S-2D and that we have no punt bid after P-1H-2D, but perhaps it is worth it to give those calls up.

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Drew, your crazy. Go back to playing poker and golf.
I like this idea and maybe we should consider playing it.

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