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Providing Information When Not Asked

Convention cards (CCs) don't always provide space to cover exceptions and nuances. How should you handle a situation where you know an opponent might be misled, but you haven't been asked a question? Consider 2 cases.

1. You play Rusinow honor leads against suit contracts. You have agreed Rusinow is off when leading partner's suit (something an opponent might expect or ask about), and is also off when partner has made a takeout double (possibly unexpected). These exceptions are not shown on your CC. Partner leads the J against a suit contract and dummy hits with K10x. One of the exceptions applies. Declarer examines your CC, but asks no question. How should you handle this situation? Is it even legal to say anything? 

2. As a slight twist, you're playing a team match, and partner leads a Rusinow J on board 1. Declarer asks about your honor leads, and you reply the J shows the Q or shortness. Then on board 2, the exception hand comes up, and not surprisingly declarer proceeds to play without asking anything. Should your explanation during board 1 have mentioned all the exceptions, even though they didn't apply to that hand? Alternatively, once again, should/can you say something at trick 1 of board 2? 

These situations seem different than purely incorrect CC's. I'm curious to know how these should be handled. I play primarily in ACBL events, but differences in other jurisdictions would also be of interest. 

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