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Q and A about Orlando World Bridge Series CoC

Conditions of Contest are now posted on the WBF website for the World Bridge Series to be held in Orlando, Florida Sept 21-Oct 6, 2018

Edit 2/1/18 - The WBF posted revised supplemental conditions on 1/31/18, which broke the above link.  Here's the link to the revised CoC, which works for me as of 2/1/18.  If further changes are made, I hope the WBF can redirect folks who have saved this link:


The general info page is here:

I have some questions, especially about the "drop in rules," and I thought that rather than asking them privately, it might be helpful to the community to start this thread. 

On another thread, WBF Executive Vice President Al Levy commented as follows:   

"If questions are asked publicly about any of the conditions, I, or another official, will post an answer.   If anyone gives me a head-up by writing to me at, I, or another WBF official, will post the questions and answers together."


Please join me in asking any questions you may have in the comments below.   Thank you in advance to Al, and other WBF officials, for providing official answers.

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