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Queen of Trumps ask when playing RKCB 1430

Playing RKCB 1430.

What do you consider to be the best / most efficient method of asking partner if they have the Queen of trumps?

and then what are Responder's best continuation options to show their holding / describe their hand accurately?


How to begin the Queen ask following partner's 5D reply (3 or 0 key cards held) when Hearts is the agreed trump suit?

Can you skip 5H and use 5S as the Queen ask after a 5D response? etc.

Can you show the Queen of trumps and a King holding below the 6 level? i.e. 5C response/ 5D ask/ 5S shows King of spades and the queen of Hearts if Hearts is the agreed trump suit.?

Knowing the partnership holds 10 trumps between the 2 hands. Why is this equivalent to holding the Queen of trumps when responding to partner's ask?

I know the above is a simple problem for a Bridge winners forum poll but constructive comments would be greatly appreciated.

Don't use RKCB 1430 use a different convention
Skip 5H and use 5S as the Queen ask after a 5D response
Don't use the Queen ask as the need to use it comes up infrequently

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