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Question About Alert Failures

My partner and I had an alert failure today that resulted in a less than optimum result. I'm confused about the remedy that was appliead by the director. We are red vs. white - LHO dealt and opened 1. Partner bid 1 and RHO bid 1. I then bid 2 which is a fit jump with. Partner did not alert as she wasn't aware of the meaning, although it is on our card. We ended up playing 4 making 620. Prior to the opening lead, I informed the opponents and called the director. LHO would have bid 5 which would be down 2 for -300. The director assigned a protected result for the opponents and they were awarded a 60% score and we received 40%. If the result had been +300 for us, the match-point score would have been 10/13. I can understand adjusting the result to 5X but the assigned 60/40 score seems out of line. Our bidding put us in a favorable position. Alerting the 2 call would not have given the opponents a way to recover other than bidding 5.

I tried to find the relevant rules on line but I gave up after 30 minutes of Google limbo. Perhaps one of the directors here could explain how this works.

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