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Question for those who know the ACBL rules:

This is a question about ACBL rules NOT what is the "right thing" to do?

In a NABC+ event when must you pre-alert? I have been unable to find any written information?

In Toronto I played 4 card majors 8-11HCP with a possible canape' (The Dinkin Major). 1C was 11-14HCP and artificial. 1D was 15+HCP and artificial. The entire 2 level was 10-14HCP natural 6 card suit. 1NT was 14-15HCP. All this seems to be allowed on the GCC.

Almost everyone was OK with this but a few were not, some aggressively. A Director was called and said we needed to pre-alert which we had. Later I asked the Director where I could find rules on pre-alert. He said it was in the Director's private notes.

My question is was the director correct and, if so, where are the rules published?



PS: We do/did pre-alert and provide defenses every round because we felt this was "right"

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