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Questionnable ruling

Hello all,

In a recent tournament's bracketed swiss teams event, my team voluntarily asked to be in the top bracket because we like to play against good opponents. Both vul, I held a 14 count with a 2344 distribution including 2 small spades. RHO opened 1NT 11-14, I doubled for penalty, LHO passed which was alerted and explained as forcing a redouble. Partner passed, RHO indeed XX, pass by me, 2D by LHO, not alerted, explained on partner's inquiry as showing 5+D denying any other 4+ cards suit: "had he held a two-suiter with two touching suits he would have bid the lowest suit directly over the double", RHO added as a complementary information. So partner bid 2S with KQJx, confident I had at least 3, which was passed out and went down 3 on a defensive cross-ruff because my LHO's hand was: xxxx-Kxxx-Axxx-x and the lead was the club ace. Called the director (I will not identify him for now) who said to me that "a 5-4 is a single-suiter" ("could you repeat that to me sir?") and that anyway, what happened would stand. I immediately said I was putting a protest on the hand, which he said I couldn't do. Two questions:

1) Is the ruling correct?

2) Is it true that I have no right to put a protest on the hand?


André Blanchet

1) No 2) No
1) No 2) Yes
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1) Yes 2) Yes

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