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Raising on three after 1heart (pass) 1spade (pass)

That's assuming you're don't have a game-forcing hand. If you're in a game-forcing auction 1spade does promise five.

A lot has been said that 1spade after a 1heart opener promises five if you're playing Flannery. That is not true. What should be said that

you are happy if partner raises you on three. AKQx/xx/xxxx/xxx, Axxx/x/Axxxx/xxx and Axxx/x/xxx/Axxxx are hands where you'd be happy

playing in a 4-3 spade fit. In my last two examples, what would you do if you bid 1NT instead of 1spade and opener bid two-of-your-three-card-minor where he could have only three? Paul Soloway who didn't play Flannery very often said that you should have three more spades then hearts to respond 1spade over 1heart. with only four. With 4-2 in the majors, he'd respond 1NT. With 4-1 in the majors he'd respond 1spade.

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