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Range for Responder’s Splinter

Playing STD. American including game forcing splinter raises and Jacoby raises (whether 2/1GF or not) there appears to be a disagreement regarding the strength necessary to make a splinter raise.  Some insist it can only be a minimal GF, no extra values.  Others insist it requires some extra values. Yet other do not limit range at all.  Consider the following 3 hands after partner has opened 1S in first chair:

1) Kxxx Axxx Axxx x

2) Kxxx AKxx Axxx x

3) Kxxx AKxx AKxx x

Please choose the option below that agree with.  If your view would change with the form of scoring or Vuln. Please comment

Splinter only with 1), others too strong
Splinter with 1) and 2) but 3) is too strong
Splinter with 2) and 3) as 1) is too weak
Splinter only with 2) as 1) is too weak and 3) is too strong
Splinter only with 3), others too weak
Splinter with all three.
Don’t splinter, always choose Jacoby
Other (please comment)

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