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Really Extended Stayman Responses After 1NT

Suppose partner opens 1NT - well most people will presumably play Red suit Transfers but there may be some difference of opinion as to whether 2 and 2Nshould be a transfer or just the one. Most of the time the response will be either a Stayman enquiry or a direct raise to 3NT (slam hands excepted).

I offer a possibleextended version of Stayman that seems to fit well with other options.

After 1NT : 2 (alerted) there is a forced response of 2 with the following continuations:

PASS : Weak hand in diamonds (JXXXX for instance)

2 : 4-4 in the Majors weak hand (i.e. one just wanting to compete the part score)

2 : 4-4 in the Majors - invitational hand.Responses are up to partnership to investigate using 3 and 3(2N = minimum balanced, 3 = to play)

2N : Quantitative raise - OPENER may bid 3 (Stayman) noting that 3 and 3 show that major suit only, if holding game values.

3 : WeakishClub Suit (Q High to 6)

3 : Weakish Diamond Suit (Q High to 6)

3 : Game forcing with 4 Hearts (Bid 3N or 4 partner) but not 4 - no reason why 4 or 4 coudln't be cue bid (just in case) on a super fit.

3 : Game forcing with 4 Spades (Bid 3N or 4 partner) but not 4 - ditto

3N : Balanced(ish) hand 4-4 in the majors (Pass or correct partner)

This series of responses works well with the 2 and 2N transfers into the minor suits. When these bids are used responder is guaranteeing a top honour (A or K). This means that breaking the transfer (Guaranteeing the other top honour) is much more informative enabling a more accurate decision to be made as to whether to gamble 3NT on a running minor suit. It also allows the partnership to stop in 2 if appropriate.

The fun part comes when you alert 2 and are asked what it means.

"It shows clubs or diamonds or 0,one or both major suits. If a minor it is weak, with 0, 1 or 2 majors it is either weak, invitational or game forcing"

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