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Recalculating Butler Scores to Delineate Declaring vs Defending Proficiency

We never see Butler scores in the ACBL, but they are prominent on the results pages for the WBF

Other jurisdictions seem way ahead regarding complete preduplication of boards across both the RR and KO phases.  This leads to a very large datum.

Does it correlate that world class players ought to be relatively equivalent in both their declaring and defending skills?

Might recalculating Butlers for a pair declaring vs. defending offer useful data?  Daniel Zenko mentioned the idea:

Maybe a pair averages a much great butler imp differential when defending.  It would take a large database of hands, but Nicolas appears to be creating just such a database.  I believe such a study could be valuable.

There have been previous references to defending efficiency via board placement (FS) in hitting partner's honor strength.  Separating the Butlers for a pair over hundreds (thousands?) of hands might prove valuable.  I suppose one might even separate 'defending Butlers' between NS & EW for our most infamous pair. 

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