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Reducing the Manipulation Factor in Robot Individuals

 I have reviewed the hand records of several high scorers in the "practice matches" and I have observed that many of their 80% plus boards stem from bizarre initial actions by the human player, such as 2NT openings on 17 HCP and a singleton, or responding in their weakest suit to a bot partner's opening. This leads to atypical contracts that depend on robot misdefense or very lucky lies. The atypical initial action appears to confuse the robotic defense and often gets a misdefense, or an opening lead different from most tables.


  My solution to this is to SPECIFY THE INITIAL CALL of the human player, so that it is the same "robotic call" at all tables.

  This will greatly increase the number of similar contracts and similar opening leads on boards, and take away much of the "robot gaming luck".

   And please: a) Don't comment "Why not specify ALL the calls and plays?" or b) "Why not just have a Par contest?"



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