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Reisinger B-A-M KO?

For me the Reisinger is a highlight of the three nationals.  With that in mind, it does seem strange that I propose to do away with it.  But, I think we can improve the Fall Nationals.  Board-a-match is a spectacular test of ability: every trick, every bid matters so much.  I think it is great that we devote one nationals to it, but why do we have the premier event of the Fall Nationals last only 3 days???  It seems far better, to me at least,  if we had a full board-a-match knockout, similar to the Vandy and Spingold.  Think of it...teams could earn time off by mathematically eliminating teams before all 64 boards are played.  It would be like the Ryder Cup.

So why not start the Fall NABC with the Blue Ribbons and then go straight into the Reisinger BAM knockout, and then finish the tournament with the 3-day Swiss that allows everyone to play in both events which are so fun.

What do you think?

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