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Reisinger Rules and Strategy Question

While watching the Reisinger on vugraph (thanks, Jan and team) I started thinking about the fact that one session Saturday is shorter than the other which means that the pair who sits out that session might run afoul of the rule about playing at least half the boards to get credit for the overall awards unless they play both sessions on one of the other days. Does anyone know if this is the case or if an exception is made for BAM so you just have to play half the sessions to get credit?

If they only have to play half the sessions, I'm curious as to why most of the clients played in the afternoon session Saturday when there are three more boards than the evening. It would seem to be better strategy to have them play fewer boards. Obviously, if they have to play at least half the boards, then it would make sense for them to play 3 sessions including the one with the extra boards. Just curious if anyone has any knowledge and/or thoughts on this

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