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Replacing an unintended call (2)

Bidding goes: pass - pass - 1NT (15-17) - pass - 2 (Stayman) - all pass. Opener announced "Stayman", but for some reason passed the forcing bid. He was visibly mad at himself, being sure that he put the 2 bid on the table, but in reality he put the green "pass" card. Of course LHO, an old internationalist, passed in a hurry. 

2 one down was not the worst result in the final of the three round MP tournament. Guess why... Game was down for at least two thirds of the results, usually with double, but was bid by 80% of the field. Opener had no wire on the hand. The Guardian Angel of the Ruefull Rabbit strike again. 

Now to the crux of the situation: can opener call the Director and have the bidding return to him, because of ... I don't know, temporal insanity, brain fart, voodoo, whatever ?! 


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