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replacing an unintended call

1 from partner (RHO passes) you have: Kx x AKQJXx QJTx You bid 2, and after 3 fast passes you realize that stick to your 2 call is the 2 call.after calling director, the director inform us that:According to law 25th we are only able to replace the call if partner did not did a call yet, and it seems, reading the law, the correct rulling.My question: 1) is pass a call?    2) i remeber in an world junior championship in Piestany, i cant name the director because i did not remember, but Riccardi was the chief in that event, in this auction: 1 (pass) 1 (pass) 2 (pass) i had 13 count with something like 3523, so i had a clear 4 bid, instead of that i bid 3 for some reason, wich was preempt in our agreements, after pass pass i realize what i had done, i called director and he allowed me to correct the call.One of two things occured, or the laws changed at some point, or one of those rulling were incorrect.Can you enlight me? 

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