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Request for advice on dealing machines

My local club is considering the purchase of a dealing machine. The club is small (5-6 games per week, 4-10 tables per session), so this is a huge investment that will probably never pay for itself. It's being made to improve the feedback players get from each session, provide a learning opportunity from studying the results and, we hope, encourage people to play more often.

We have wireless scorepads and a laser printer for hand records and want to add a Playbridge Dealer 4 machine. If your club has a similar setup, I'd appreciate hearing ideas about the best ways to incorporate the technology into the games, effect on attendance, problems to expect, etc. Some specific questions:

Can you suggest ways to streamline the dealing for game directors? Maybe ask players to leave their hands out of the boards and stack the cards at the end of each game? Return all decks to a designated spot?

Baron-Barclay sells two brands of hinged boards (Imperial Plus and New Generation). Any recommendation about which is better?

We plan to post the enhanced results (recap, hand diagrams and contracts and results from Bridgepads) on the web. We've used the ACBL clubresults site in the past, but would prefer to post the links to our own calendar page ( ). Can we compile the files and create links with Bridge Composer software? Is there an easier method?

Any other tips?

Thanks for your help.

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