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Request from book publisher: can you identify man on the right please

I have a request from a book publisher.  Please can you help to identify the man on the far right.

The photo is from 1960s. Front, left to right Tony Priday, Jane Priday, Martin Hoffman, {unknown player}.

We think standing at the back, far left is Hubert Phillips. If it is him, he died in 1964 (see Wiki)  Clicking that link takes you to google photo sharing.

The EBU don't think the trophy is identifiable using their current list of assets.  We've looked at list of winners for national events, and cannot work out who it is.

If anyone thinks it is or is not Joe Moskal, please say so.  It is not Michael Wolach.

It has been suggested that the event might have taken place in contienantal Europe (see make of champagne).

Thank you, on the behalf of the publisher.

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