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Responses to 2diamond overcall over 1nt

Now that you can play 2diamonds over 1nt showing one major in GCC events, it's important that you know what are the responses to 2diamonds. If you play Multi, you can treat the 2diamond overcall like a 2diamond opener with a few exceptions. If you're 3-1 in the majors, you normally bid two-of-your-singleton suit as a response. Partner usually has a weak-two in your singleton and if he has a weak-two in your three-card suit, you don't mind getting higher in your nine-card fit.

An opening Multi 2diamonds is limited (assuming its a weak two). A 2diamond overcall over 1nt can be as light as x/QJ10xxx/Kxx/xxx and as heavy as xx/AQJ10xx/AQxx/x . With this in mind, I play that Advancer bids 2hearts (pass or correct) on all weak hands even with one spade and three hearts. I only bid 2spades on constructive hands. This allows ovecaller to bid again if he has my strong example and not expect much if Advancer bids 2hearts.

Key responses to the 2diamond overcall over 1nt.

4clubs (bid one below your suit)

4diamonds (bid your suit)

Four-of-a-major (My own suit)

2hearts pass or correct non constructive hand

2spades/3hearts/3spades are all pass or correct bids and are constructive

2NT is a game try and asks: then 3clubs is weak with either major, 3diamonds is intermediate in hearts, 3hearts is intermediate in spades, 3spades is strong in hearts and 3NT is strong in spadesOver 3clubs response (weak with either major), 3diamonds asks for major and 3major is pass or correct



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