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Revisiting Raptor

There was a comprehensive article on raptor here

and a more recent article here

In summary, a 1NT overcall of an opening one-level suit bid is artificial.  Over a major, 1NT shows four cards in the other major and 5+ cards in an unspecified minor.  Over a minor-suit opening, 1NT shows four cards in an unknown major and 5+ in the unbid minor.

Over a major-suit opening bid, there are some followup options, but the basic approach seems clear enough.  Over a minor suit opening, though, followup is complicated because the major is unknown.  That was explored in the comments, and a frequent opinion was that either side could be the one worse affected. The second article linked above suggested an alternative: having 1NT show both majors, 54 or better either way. This is basically Michaels but with less shape required because there are more steps to sort out which suit to play in.  Of course it doesn't help you when you are dealt just one 4cM and longer m.

What I'm wondering is whether a modified version of raptor, showing four spades and a longer second suit, one of two being possible, is a sensible modification.  The other suits could be either a) either minor (i.e., including the one opened), or b) the unbid minor or hearts.  Using a) might be especially useful when the bid minor might be short.  Either way, advancer knows right away whether there is a spade fit or not and can act accordingly.  In a), the followup could even be identical to what one uses over a 1 opening bid.  In b), the followup would have to allow finding hearts, but the second suit is still one of only two possibilities.

Why show four cards in spades rather than hearts?  Because missing a spade fit is likely to be more costly than missing a heart fit.  If we have a heart fit, the opponents may just outbid us in spades, so on a lucky day missing the fit costs nothing.  If we have a spade fit and don't find it, though, that is likely to be bad.

Does anyone play this method?  a) or b)?  Opinions on the merits?

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