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Revoke followed by claim. What does the law actually say?

You have revoked. And you know you have revoked. Nobody else seems to have noticed. Somebody makes a claim. What, if anything, are you legally required to do regarding the revoke? Not what would you do, or what you hope others might do. Simply, what is the minimum required by the laws?

Or does this depend on certain specific details eg (and not all of these are mutually exclusive):

  1. Claimer should have seen that you have revoked. eg you discarded when a was led, but later followed to a
  2. Claimer should have deduced that someone revoked eg both players discarded on a , when he could have known there was still a  out
  3. Claimer should have suspected you revoked. eg you discarded early on a suit you had bid naturally.
  4. Claimer had no way of knowing you revoked.
  5. You believe that the revoke has had no material impact eg claimer is claiming exactly the same number of tricks you think he would have got if you hadn't revoked
  6. You believe the revoke has had a material impact eg you have won a trick you wouldn't have otherwise won
  7. You are not sure what effect the revoke has had
  8. Some other factor I've not thought of, but you think is relevant.
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