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Revoke followed by incorrect concession/claim--Result?

I'm playing a heart contract with Jxxx of trumps in dummy and Axxxxx (Ace 6th) in hand.

I win the opening plain suit lead in hand and play the trump A, my RHO showing out and LHO following--K and Q of trump are outstanding.

Come trick 10, the lead is in dummy and I have lost no tricks.  Dummy has two trumps, one diamond and one spade.  I have four trumps.

RHO is known to have one diamond,  with LHO having earlier shown out of diamonds (but not ruffing).  Clubs are gone (so each defender is known to have spades).

I face my hand and say to my LHO--"You get your two high trumps."

The opps then face their hands, and each has a trump.

Were I to have led a diamond from dummy at trick 10, LHO could have overruffed.

After the revoke penalty, do the opps get zero tricks total or one?

[I'm asking only about how the laws operate, not whether or not I should seek to be credited with all 13 tricks].




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