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Revoke or Not

The following situation happened in a AX Swiss team event in Denver NABC. I was declarer with 6 card ending. I had 5 winners. The only possible loser was in where I had KJ in dummy and xx in my hand with Q outstanding. So I played low from my hand. When LHO played a low , I played J from dummy and RHO played a low . After the card was turned over, I showed my hand and claimed. At this point RHO found her Q! Director was called. He ruled RHO had to play Q and defender got one trick and I got five.

I consulted with another director after the round and checked with rule after the game. The director's ruling was correct. Law 69 Establishment of a Revoke defines revoke becomes established when offending side played following trick, designated a card for next trick or makes a claim. So even I played K or another card from dummy, RHO could still find her Q and correct the revoke. This is the only experience I had when offending side GAINED a trick.

The question is why the Establishment of Revoke is determined by offending side played next trick or made a claim, but not either side played next trick or made a claim.

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