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Roth Swiss teams

There were problems with the running of the Roth Swiss teams. There were victory point changes to the results from Saturday night.

At game time, the new assignments were put up based on the changes.

Why weren't they put up earlier?

Instead of assigning the top matches with the duplicated boards, the matches were assigned to random tables

with no consideration of having the top matches use duplicated boards. 

When the Directors figured this out at 11:30, they decided to reassign the matches which meant that the first

match lasted 90 minutes.

While its nice to have duplicated boards, it wouldn't be a big deal to have the first match play

random dealt boards especially if the cost is 1/2 hour.

Maybe there ought to be a Swiss team rule that once a table starts on its second board, you live with the match-up.


In the second match, my team which had 29VPs (9 carry-over +20 won in the first match) played a team that had played the duplicated boards

 in the first match and won it. Our match should have been using duplicated boards. After playing two  boards at both tables

our opponents wondered why they weren't playing duplicated boards. We called the Director. Since we had already played two boards at both

tables, the Director gave us three of the duplicated boards to play.


After playing the last match using duplicated boards which were mostly flat, a member of the team which 

came in second said that his team did not play the duplicated boards.  He didn't play the match but thought that what hes

teammates said


We  deserve better.


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