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Rule and ethics issue

My partner and I play different variations of weak 1NT, depending on vulnerabilities (10-13 NV vs V, 11-14 same vulns, and 12-14 V vs NV). At a Vienna Teams Championships, in 3rd hand, NV vs V, he opened 1NT with a two count (producing something like 13IMPs, since opps didn't find a slam with 35 HCP combined). Afterwards, we discussed his psyche and became aware of the fact that we both think it is a very useful situation to psyche, since partner will virtually never think of inviting game as a passed hand against 10-13 balanced. Through our further discussions, we also agreed that we would both psyche, by, say, bidding 3NT with xxx xx Kxxxx Jxx over partner's NV 3 clubs opening, with intent to escape to 4 clubs if doubled, or, for example, by bidding a major we have a singleton in over opponents' takeout double. There are several situations like these in which psyching happens more often, since you are less likely to produce an extraordinarily bad score, due to being partially protected either by your system, the opponents' system, or whatever else.

The question posed is, is it against the rules to psyche in such "logical" situations, when you know partner might expect of you to psyche (or at least have an increased likelihood of psyching)? Another question is, do you consider it unethical? If there are other rules which would make this psyching illegal (e.g. you cannot psyche when your system protects you from overbidding, such as in the 1NT opening case, if such a rule exists), I'd like to hear about them, even though that's not the main issue we're having.

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