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"Rulings" and Psyches, Again (and more)

Currently, I'm in the middle of an e-mail conversation with ACBL "Rulings" department regarding psychs, deviations, et al.

This post relate to Clubs and the ACBL "Duplicate Decisions" publication (oriented to clubs).

Here is a link to the subject at hand:

Those who choose to peruse will find a reference to the "Don Oakie 'Deviation' "with regard to psyche bids.

"Psychic Bidding

A deviation was defined by Don Oakie (Feb., 1978, ACBL Bridge Bulletin) as a bid in which the strength of the hand is within a queen of the agreed or announced strength, and the bid is of a suit of ample length or of notrump....If either of these situations occurs, it is easy to see by repeating the definition of a psych (a deliberate and gross misstatement of honor strength or suit length) that a deviation is NOT a PSYCH....However, frequent deviations may indicate that the pair has an undisclosed implied agreement acquired through experience."

Presumably, this may still be a useable reference for club decisions and, presumably too, after the new charts kick in, in November.

But maybe not. I hope so.

I, for one, hope that the new charts -- and alert procedures and perhaps convention cards -- will push clubs into line with tournament procedures into all aspects of the game.

Any insights on this club/tournament dichotomy? -- I find it unfortunate. (Yes, I'm aware that clubs are essentially free to do what they want in many respects as non-franchised independent operators subject to their own by-laws with the parent organization a not-for-profit entity.)"

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