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In the last article on handling the situation when partner's 1NT overall is doubled for penalty, I was surprised at the variety of runout methods being employed by the BridgeWinners community. I also found many more being listed at the BridgeBum website. I'm sure there are others, but at least these have a name attached to them and a description. Out of curiosity, I have created a usage poll of these methods. Hopefully I have included yours.

Again, partner has opened a 15-17 NT or has overcalled 1NT with 15-18 hcps. The right hand opponent has made a penalty double. What system closely approximates the method you use?

If interested we can add your escape to the polling list. Please assign a name and a brief description of your method.


(Edited to include additional escapes)

DONT (Moscow) Escapes
Hiyashi (Swine) Escapes
Meckwell Escapes
Brozel Escapes
Truscott Escapes
Helvic Wriggle
Owen Wriggle
Staveley Wriggle
Touching Escapes
Twisted Swine Escapes
Exit Transfers
Suction Escapes
Luddite Escapes
psycho-suction Escapes
Shannon Cappelletti Escapes
Hinden Escapes

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