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Rusinow Leads


My partner and I are interested in playing Rusinow opening leads but we're not sure whether to play them against notrump contracts, suit contracts, or both. I did a small survey of convention cards used by USA and Canadian players who played Rusinow leads in international events during the last 2 years. In my survey there were 12 such Rusinow pairs.

  • 6 pairs played Rusinow against both suit and notrump contracts.
  • 5 pairs pairs used them against notrump contracts only.
  • 1 pair used them against suit contracts only.

Of course there are more than 12 players in the world who have adopted these leads so I would like to poll the general Rusinow community on their usage. Any comments on the effectiveness on these leads would be appreciated. 

We play these leads against both NT and suit contracts.
We play them only against NT contracts. Why?
We play them only against suit contracts. Why?

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