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No questions about what you would have bid, played, etc. This is a request to understand what, for me, is a very frustrating aspect of our game.

Here is my story; thank you in advance for advice.

A very nice sectional was scheduled in our area for November 1-3. On the last session of the tournament, last hand, we had this auction (hand 28):

I, West, passed. North opened 1 - P - 1 - P - 2 - P - P - then double by me (after some thought).

Now, North thought quite some time (at least 20 seconds?) along with a couple of sighs and a look up at the ceiling.  Finally he passed, and my partner bid 2.

South then bid 3 and I called for the director, explaining the long pause prior to the pass.

The director inquired of North whether he took any additional time to make his pass.  His reply?  Not at all.  When the director asked his partner if he had taken any additional time, her response?  "Absolutely not!"

The hand was played at 3, making 4.

Frankly, I would not have an issue with South making the 3 call, even with the hesitation.  Yet, what bothered me so much was that both players were (IMHO) not honest.

I realize that it is possible that the player who took the extra time to think wasn't aware that he took as much time as he did. Sometimes we simply are not cognizant of our actions as we are thinking.  But for his partner to think he passed smoothly challenges my imagination.

After the hand (and a challenging week, mostly unrelated to bridge) I was fairly upset. As mentioned, it wasn’t that I wanted a change in the result. My frustration was that two people who are not novices wouldn’t respond accurately to the director.

Needless to say, this is not the first time I have experienced this at the table.

So – what are players who strive to play within the rules and be honest to do?  The only answers I can see are, either suck it up or stop playing at local events like this.

I really do not wish to do the latter for several reasons, including playing with long time good friends and good partners, remaining “part of the local bridge community”, etc.  Yet it confounds me that people behave this way.

Honestly, I am a bit frustrated with myself that I let this get to me.  So, I’m looking for advice for me about how to tone down my emotion and live with the flaws and frustrations that life doles out to us.

Thank you!

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