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Playing with different partners, Fantoni and Nunes participated in the Italian open pairs championship last weekend.

They were really welcomed back.

Fantoni came in second and got hundreds of likes and congratulations on Facebook including some from top Italian experts.

This is madness. I find it shocking that they are back playing. It seems that there are people feeling sorry for them because they got caught. How is that possible?

Several top players have agreed that allowing Fantoni and Nunes to play in open competition will ruin our game.

We have to show the bridge world that we do not accept this.

The Italian federation might not be able to kick them out as they lost their lawsuit, but all international events should refuse to invite them.

And if they don’t, it is up to us. We have to refuse to play against them and we should refuse to play in any event in which they are participating.

We cannot let this happen.


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