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Scrambling Sequence after 1NTX -- Is Pass Alertable?

Many partnerships (including mine) use a Scrambling Sequence over a penalty double of 1NT (15-17 HCPs).

Assume the auction goes (1) 1NT (X) P.

In the scrambling sequence, the 1NT bidder is obligated to either bid his five card suit (if he has one) or redouble to ask partner to bid his four card suits, up the line.

If you play this Scrambling Sequence, the "Pass" by partner is effectively forcing a bid by the 1NT bidder.  Must it be alerted?

Yes, the pass must be alerted.
No, the pass need not be alerted, even though it is forcing.
No, the pass need not be alerted. Even if you play this Scrambling sequence, the pass can be taken as not forcing.
None of the above.

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